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Meet IDSVA David Driskell Fellow: Carolyn Jean Martin

Carolyn Jean Martin is an educator and artist. She earned an M.F.A. in painting and an M.A. in the History and Theory of Contemporary Art from San Francisco Art Institute. Carolyn’s writing practice interrogates the impact of philosophic and aesthetic traditions on the construction of race and identity, with an emphasis on articulations of Blackness in the Western visual field. Her mixed media art practice examines narratives of ‘Americanness’ in contemporary culture. Carolyn has presented her work in exhibitions and conferences in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and China. She is currently the Chair, Arts and Cultural Studies Department at Berkeley City College.

"Being present for David C. Driskell’s final IDSVA lecture at Spannocchia Castle in Italy provided me with immense inspiration for my doctoral work, as he clearly explained how being an artist and art historian were one and the same. At that moment Professor Driskell validated my position of disciplinary overlap. As a man that took on many roles, he exemplified how we all stand in a unique position to generously share our individual gifts with others to create change. I am incredibly honored and humbled to carry Professor Driskell’s legacy forward."
-Carolyn Jean Martin, Cohort ’18

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