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Meet IDSVA's 2020 David Driskell Fellow, Marvin Milián

Marvin R. Milián, M.A., is an educator who seeks to innovate the classroom with the ambition to change the way art history is taught. He earned an M.A. in Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism from Azusa Pacific University and a B.A. of Art History from the University of California Riverside. Marvin’s M.A. thesis, Rust v. Sullivan and Its Influence on Contemporary Public Art: A Look at Government Infringement and Censorship in American Public Murals, explored the legal and political agenda’s that shaped public art in the U.S. from the 1990s onward. He is also an author and contributor to Art Radio Trending, a public art blog that examines the role of art in contemporary culture.

"My journey to IDSVA is not typical, but by no means is it unique. A Guatemalan immigrant to the United States, my life echoes in the voices of the millions who seek education as a means to prosperity. Dr. David C. Driskell embodied a tenacity for hard work and exemplified humility. It is with a sense of duty and pride that I accept the honor of Driskell Fellow with a mission to continue in his global memory."

-Marvin R. Milián

IDSVA awards one David Driskell Fellowship with each incoming cohort. Driskell Fellows are students of color who show promise in carrying forward David Driskell's mission to foster worldwide community and equality through the art and philosophy of peace and understanding.

David Driskell (1931–2020) was elected to the National Academy in 2000 and honored at the University of Maryland by the establishment of the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora in 2001. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2018.

A member of the IDSVA Visiting Faculty since 2007, Dr. Driskell was awarded an IDSVA Honorary Doctorate in 2013 in recognition of his lifelong career as an artist, scholar, and world leading spiritual philanthropist.

IDSVA is currently accepting applications for September 2021 enrollment.

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