Newsletter Issue:
Spring 2020

Professional News Spring 2020

Student Achievements

Mike Adams, Cohort ’13

* Group Exhibition Participation: “20/20: COCA Members Show” at the Center on Contemporary Art (COCA) in Seattle, WA. March 2020

* Job Announcement: Teaching Introduction to Philosophy at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA. January 2020

Kimberly Aimee Alvarado, Cohort ’18

* Conference Presentation: “The Invention of Hair Straightening in the Hispanic Caribbean Community: Race, Commodification, Neurosis, and Passing Mestizo/a” at the American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. April 2020

Hazel Antaramian, Cohort ’17

* Solo Exhibition: “Art and Ethnography: Post-World War II Repatriation to Soviet Armenia” at INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales) in Paris, France. November 2020

Sara Christensen Blair, Cohort ’08

* Job Announcement: Appointed Professor and Chair, Department of Art and Design at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN. August 2019

Jessica Rodriguez Colon, Cohort ’15

* Conference Presentation: “From the Baquiné to the Streets: Performances of Grief” at the First International Queer Death Studies Conference at Karlstad University in Sweden. November 2020

* Conference Presentation: “The Gaze Economy of (m)others” at the 28th IAFFE Annual Conference at Caledonia University in Glasgow, Scotland. June 2020

Rowynn Dumont, Cohort ’13

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Atlas of Memories (NYC)” at Head Hi, NY. January 2020

* Publication: “The Missions of San Antonio in Photographs” in Far Out Zine. January 2020

* Curated: New Wave Party: Black Rainbow at JJ’s Hideaway in Brooklyn, NY. July 2019

* Group Exhibition Participation: “House of Yes: Prophets Over Profits” at de Kooning Studio, NY. May 2019

Kate Farrington, Cohort ’11

* Conference Presentation: “Cultivating Collaborative Creativity,” Art & Impact Workshop, Adventure 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. March 2019

* Job Announcement: Promoted to Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts, Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. February 2018

Xenia Hodza, Cohort ’19

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Washington Art Association Faculty Show” in Washington Depot, CT. February 2020

Jocelyn Holmes, Cohort ’18

* Conference Presentation: “Absence as Presence: Redefining Cultural Narrative” at SECAC. Chattanooga, TN. October 2019

* Conference Presentation: “Time as Commodity: Engaging “I-Gen” by Finding the Artistic voice” at FATE. Columbus, OH. April 2019

Dea Jenkins, Cohort ’19

* Publication: Four poems and paintings in Fuller Magazine. February 2020

Paige Lunde, Cohort ’13

* Poster Session: “Resituating Art in Education by Disrupting the Modern Conception of Time” at CAA in Chicago, IL. February 2020

Mary Mazurek, Cohort ’12

* Publication: "Adjunct Instructor and Grammy Nominee Mary Mazurek Talks Audio Trailblazing" with Columbia College, Chicago News & Events. March 2020

* Produced: She engineered and produced the audio for WFMT’s new on-demand web series “Math In Music.” March 2020

Katherine Melcher, Cohort ’16

* Publication: “Valuing the discipline: refrains and riffs” in Landscape Review. Lincoln University, New Zealand. November 2019

Jonathan Morgan, Cohort ’15

* Conference Presentation: “Performative Knowledge: Overcoming Static Epistemologies on Human Nature” at the Disagreement and Philosophy: Ryerson Philosophy Graduate Student Conference in Toronto, Canada. March 2020

Angela Mosley, Cohort ’16

* Conference Panel Chair: “The World is Yours: Global Hip-Hop Pedagogies and Praxis in Schools and Communities” at the American Education Research Association (AERA) Conference, San Francisco, CA. April 2020

* Conference Presentation: “Emmanuel Levinas, Jackson Pollock, Aretha Franklin, and Nelson Mandela Theorizing the Potluck through 21st Century Artivism and Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham” at the Perugia Food & Sustainability Studies Conference, The Umbra Institute. June 2020

* Job Announcement: Guest lecturer on STEAM Education Advocacy at the University of Portsmouth. Hampshire, England. May 2020

* Will host the 2nd annual Hip-Hop Summit on the importance of diversity and inclusion in Hip-Hop music. Houston, TX, July 2020

Alaina Plowdrey, Cohort ’17

* Conference Presentation: “Reconsidering Visual Perception: Extending Neuroaesthetics into Phenomenological Embodiment” at Southeastern Association for the Continental Tradition (SEACT) at Saint Leo University, Florida. February 2020

Jeffery Siemers, Cohort ’14

* Visiting Research: Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. February 2020

* Awarded: Statewide board appointment to the Alaska State Council on the Arts. January 2020

Cj Stephens, Cohort ’17

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Big Sky” at Marfa Studio Arts in Marfa, TX. March 2020

* Publication: Essay "A Psychological Journey into Otherness" in the book Between Mobility Control and Social Transformation: Art/Interdisciplinary project Risk Change published by MMCU, Croatia. March 2020

Ana Fernandez Miranda Texidor, Cohort ’17

* Publication: “Medicinal Garden, reflections on two essays by Martin Heidegger” in INDEX Contemporary Art Magazine. December 2019

Amalya Nane Tumanian, Cohort ’14

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Exposition Internationale World Art in Paris” at Gallery Etienne de Causans, Paris, France. March 2020

* Publication: “Amalya Nane Tumanian: My Point of View on Art” in the monthly periodical “"C de l'art," Paris, France. September 2019

* Award: Elected member of the Society of Encouragement and Education. Paris, France. November 2019

Angela Whitlock, Cohort ’16

* Job Announcement: Museum Gift Shop Head of Merchandising and Administrator at the Museum of the Grand Prairie in Mahomet, IL. October 2019

Alumni Achievements

Dr. Jean Bundy, Alumna 2017

* Job Announcement: Appointed co-representative for AICA-USA (International Association of Art Critics) from San Francisco bay area to Alaska. March 2020

* Solo Exhibition: “Jean Bundy and Tina Chen” at the Pleiades Gallery in NYC. March 2020

* Conference Presentation: “Climate Change Alert Through Artic Aesthetics” at CAA in Chicago, IL. February 2020

Dr. Heather Dunn, Alumna 2014

* Conference Panel Chair: “Scratching the Surface: Punk, Hip Hop, and Graffiti” SECAC in Richmond, VA. Oct. 2020

Dr. Jason Hoelscher, Alumn 2019

* Publication: “Art as Information Ecology: Artworks, Artworlds, and Complex Systems Aesthetics” the forthcoming book from Duke University Press. 2021

* Selected: International Curatorial Residency Program at HOW Art Museum in Shanghai, China. September 2020

* Conference Presentation: “Art and Information, Anthropocene and Infocene” at SLSA EU. Katowice, Poland, June 2020

* Juror: Annual undergraduate juried exhibition at East Tennessee State University. April 2020

* Award: CLEC Grant for multi-day Andre Kuebeck artist visit. Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. March 2020

* Job Announcement: Awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor in the Interdisciplinary Art Department at Georgia Southern University. January 2020

* Award: Faculty Development Travel Grant. Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship. Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. July 2019

* Conference Presentation: “Art, Information, and the Aesthetic Singularity” at SECAC. Chattanooga, TN. October 2019

* Publication: "The Relational Aesthetics of Ambient Artificial Intelligence” in ArtPulse Magazine, vo. 10, no 32.  October, 2019

* Conference Presentation: “Art in an Era of Ambient Technology: Information as Difference, Art as Differencing” at ICA (International Congress of Aesthetics) in Belgrade, Serbia, July 2019.

* Conference Presentation: “Information Efflorescence and the Post-Object Field” at SLSA EU in Athens, Greece, June 2019

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Nth Dimension,” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. June-September 2019

* Group Exhibition Participation: “Gathered IV,” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia. April-June 2019

* Group Exhibition Participation: “ArtFields” at ArtFields, Lake City, SC. April-May 2019

Dr. El Putnam, Alumna 2014

* Conference Panel Chair: “Flesh and Circuit: Rethinking Performance and Technology” at the College Art Association Conference (CAA) in Chicago, IL. February 2020

Dr. yonTande Whitney V. Hunter, Alumn 2019

* Conference Presentation: “Agbadza: Return! Go, Take!” at the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance 4th Bi-Annual Conference at Duke University, Durham, NC. February 2020

* Job Announcement: Coordinator of African Diasporic Dance Series at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, where he is also an assistant professor of dance. July 2019

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