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Spring 2017

Professional News Spring 2017

Students & Alumni

Christina Barber (cohort ’13), was promoted to Curator of Innovation and Contemporary Culture at the Alaska Humanities Forum. In her new capacity, Barber curates statewide programming for the Alaska State Writer Laureate, the annual Alaska Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities, initiatives for young adults, and a bimonthly literary and visual arts exhibition series.

Brooke Bryan (cohort ’16) received the biennial post secondary teaching award from the Oral History Association for the field-based undergraduate research experiences she facilitates at Antioch College. Her students explore arts and culture on location around the world, and curate public collections at

Brooke Chroman (cohort ’10) received a Part-Time Faculty Appointment, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY 2017. In Autumn 2016, Brooke published a series of interviews: “Simone Rocha”, “Richard Prince”, “Hayden Dunham”, and the editorial “Fondazione Prada” on The Travel Almanac.

Jeca Rodríguez Colón (cohort ’15) will be presenting an interactive performance and installation piece questioning the memory and myths about the maternal; and will present the paper, “Disney Princess Culture: A Cultural Ideological State Apparatus” at The International Conference on Moving Image and Philosophy in Porto, Portugal, July 7-8, 2017.

In January, Jason Hoelscher (cohort ’12) presented a paper titled “Reductive Painting and Emergent Simplicity” at the CAA conference in NYC. In February-March Hoelscher had a solo exhibition of his recent paintings, titled Syllepticonic, at the Jacksonville University Alexander Brest Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. Also in March, Jason presented a paper on the topic of posthuman meta-narrativity in the context of information entropy, at the Aarhus University Institute of Advanced Studies' Grand Narratives, Posthumanism and Aesthetics conference, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Natalya Mills-Mayrena (cohort ’16) presented a paper on the topic of “The Madras Aesthetic: Resisting & Re-Interpreting Through The Cloth” in the conference Fashioning the Black Body in Bondage and Freedom, Weeksville Heritage Center Brooklyn NY (March 2017), within the panel Identifying & Self Fashioning in Slavery. She is also co-curating the exhibition Fashioning the Women of Weeksville at the Weeksville Heritage Center) Brooklyn NY (June-September 2017).

In May 2017, Angela Mosley (cohort ’16) and Margaret Coleman (cohort ’15) will co-curate an exhibition and facilitate a workshop at the Garner Art Center that will include the work of IDSVA students Novel Sholars (cohort ’16) and Jessica Rodríguez-Colón (cohort ’15).

Margaret Coleman will also curate a booth in NYC at Superfine Design as part of Frieze week, May 2017. The booth will include the work of IDSVA student Lisa Williamson (cohort ’16).

Maria La Barge (cohort ’11) Received a Distinguished Scholar Award and presented the paper “Aristotle’s Consonance: The Universal and Specific in American Primitivism” at the Aristotle World Congress, Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies, University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 25, 2016. Maria will present “Ritual Performance and Mimesis in the Drip Paintings of Jackson Pollock”, at the Athens Institute for Education and Research, 7th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, May 29-June 1, 2017.

Paige Lunde (cohort ’13) presented the paper “The Problems with Assessment and Correctness” in the panel chaired by Guen Montgomery at the 2017 FATE conference (Foundational Art and Theory Association), Hosted by FATE and The Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, KC April 5-8, 2017.

Neely Patton (cohort ’16) has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. RMCAD is a private, regionally accredited college located in Denver, Colorado. Patton has been with RMCAD since 2007 and most recently served as the Dean of Program and Curriculum Development.

Liza Renia Papi (cohort ’14) will be leading and presenting a paper at the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, Art & Literature Symposium, September 26-28, 2017 (a catalog will be available). Her book, The Aesthetics of Art: Understanding What We See, will be released in November by Cognella Editors/University Press. In March 2018, Liza will Curate Peter Klohen’s exhibition with Yanna Elsa Brugal at the Havana Biennial, Cuba.

Toni-Lee Sangastiano (Cohort ’13) has been promoted from Associate Professor to Professor at Champlain College, Burlington, VT. Additionally, her work was recently exhibited at the Shelburne Museum's Circus Posters in America and she will be presenting a paper at the XVI International Bakhtin Conference in Shanghai in September.

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Comparative & Continental Philosophy Circle (March 30-April 1, 2017), co-sponsored by New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University-West Campus had three IDSVA students presenting papers:

Taliesin Thomas (cohort ’13), “Emptiness the Womb of Compassion: Artistic Voids as the Space of Becoming”;

Keren Moscovitch (cohort ’14), “The Intimacy of Knowledge: Radical Sexuality and the Epistēmē”;

Gabriel Reed (cohort ’14), “Impossible Aesthetics: Abstraction and Nothingness in the Work of Peter Voulkos.”

Gabriel Reed also presented: “Participatory Development, Travel and Community Engagement as an Aesthetic Foundation”, Beyond the Core FATE 2017, at Kansas City Art Institute, April 6-8th, 2017.

Dr. H.C. Arnold has given up the academic game and now spends his time as a tech writer working out of a beach side coffee shop and surfing on his breaks. Just kidding! He is currently living in Los Angeles where he is an Associate Instructor of Art History and the lead researcher on the late Michael Brewster's sonic art practice.

Dr. Jean Bundy (alumna, 2017) has discovered a plethora of projects after a hermit-esque year completing her dissertation on Churchill’s paintings. She is a contributor to Art Times and the Anchorage, in collaboration with the Anchorage Museum focusing on art created in Northern latitude countries. Jean will have a solo show at Pleiades Gallery, NYC (May 16-June 10, 2017).

In November 2016, Dr. Kathy Desmond (alumna, 2016) presented at the “Invisibility and Unfinalizability in the Field of Art and Aesthetics” at The Third Nomadikon and Center for the Ethics of Seeing Conference. In fall 2016, Desmond’s exhibition Occupying Her Space: Redressing Power was exhibited at the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University. In April 2017, Dr. Desmond presented “Theoretical Issues Related to Art and Design: Empathy and Judgment in Contemporary Art Practice” at the PCA/ACA National Conference.

Dr. Jennifer Hall (alumna, 2016) has recently received the title of Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston where she continues to teach a variety of courses though their graduate department. She is also busy as a member of the MIT Museum Advisory Board in the development of a 50-year celebration of the Center For Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), slated for 2018.


Core Faculty member Chris Yates presented a paper entitled “Dialogical Truth and the Ethics of Alterity in Walker Percy’s The Last Gentleman” at the November meeting of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association in Jacksonville, Florida. Chris also chaired a panel entitled “Continental Philosophy’s Bestiary Unconsciousness,” at the October meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, held in Salt Lake City.

Director and core faculty member Simonetta Moro co-chaired a panel at SECAC (October 2016) titled Vision Machines and Pre-Cinematic Optical Devices: Panoramas, Stereoscopes and Places of Otherness. In November 2016 she gave a lecture at Hartford School of Art, and in January 2017 presented the paper “The Question of Mapping: Toward a New Theory of Carto-Aesthetics” at the first International Conference of Artist-Scholars (ICAS) in San Francisco. She will participate in the panel In Discussion: Walking as a Radical Act at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey (April 30, 2017); and in the symposium Arte cultura dei popoli with the paper “Cartografia e permanenza storica: per un’archeologia pittorica della memoria”, Perugia, Italy (May 18, 2017).

Cover Photo: IDSVA at CAA 2017. Photo by Molly Davis

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