Newsletter Issue:
Spring 2019

Spring ’19 Editors' Note

IDSVA in NYC, January 2019. Photo by Jane Griffo
IDSVA in NYC, January 2019. Photo by Jane Griffo

We are pleased to bring you news from an exciting past few months for the IDSVA community. The spring issue of the newsletter regularly covers the graduation ceremony and residency in New York City for first and second year students. We are fortunate to include milestones achievements for a few IDSVA students in their professional careers along with a look back on this year’s memorable speech from Professor Ted Coons.

As we look ahead to the summer residencies and historic sites, the reflections in this Newsletter take us to some of the most profound contemporary art exhibitions still traveling the country. This topological expanse makes IDSVA special and provides a rich ground from which to grow our philosophical understandings.


Wren Miller and Silvia Ruzanka

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