Newsletter Issue:
Spring 2013

Studio Visit – Dr. Simonetta Moro

by Larry Decker

Locating Dr. Moro’s studio in DUMBO was a challenge.  It is ironic that we could have used a detailed map whereby upon on entering the studio we were confronted on all sides by maps.  These maps are her art, wherein she creates and paints a topography of a city such as Venice and New York as it was in the past.  She then layers another map over this as if time were being created in an historical narrative, an archeological method displaying the evolution of that city overtime.  Maybe fulfilling the dictum of presenting the unrepresentable – creating not only space but time itself.  This gives one the sense of historicity by topographically layering of these maps and thereby demonstrating history’s flow, from past to present and on to a non-stated future.

Another of her art projects is a scroll sketching the entire High Line park which was created out of the unfinished elevated railroad tracks hovering over the west side along the Hudson River.  Her sketch of life along this new park flows past as if you are a bystander flying alongside the linear park viewing evidences of life along the park in a voyeuristic way.  Again, to me, a focus passing time through space are evolutionary processes.  Her generosity of sharing her time in her studio to meet with us was even surpassed by allowing her art as a backdrop of IDSVA’s commencement dinner.  This projected scrolling of the High Line on on wall of the restaurant was exciting and provided another topic for philosophic and artistic discourse while we dined in a most gracious setting. It proved that artists are and can be philosophers, that philosophy can overcome small talk, and that it improves conviviality and allows for a generous spirit.  Dr. Moro, we students, graduates, spouses, and friends thank you for your generous spirit.

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