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The Margot and Robert Kelley Venice Biennale Residency

We are proud to announce that Margot and Robert Kelley will be recognized as IDSVA Residency Patrons*.

Margot and Robert Kelley

Dr. Margot Kelley serves on our Board of Trustees and has served in a variety of key roles over the course of IDSVA's institutional development, including Interim Director of the School.

Dr. Robert Kelley designed and implemented our new and highly innovative digital education platform.

In addition to their generous and freely given contributions of time and talent, major financial gifts from Margot and Rob Kelley go far to explain IDSVA's standing as a global leader in graduate education.

IDSVA will honor Margot and Rob at a naming ceremony and dinner reception in June at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Henceforward the Venice residency will be called:


To mark the occasion two world-renowned philosophers will join us in Venice.  

John Rajchman

John Rajchman
John Rajchman is Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University, and author of numerous texts listed on the IDSVA bibliography, including French Philosophy Since 1945.

Giovanna Borradori

Giovanna Borradori
Milan-based Giovanna Borradori is Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College and author of Philosophy in a Time of Terror.

*IDSVA Residency Patrons contribute $90,000 or more in support of IDSVA's educational programing.

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