Dejan Lukić

Assistant Professor

Areas of Research

Crossovers between art, science, and religion. More specifically, philosophical and anthropological insights from: geo-philosophy, vital materialism, radical empiricism, theories of the avant-garde, and indigenous ontologies


DEJAN LUKIĆ is trained as an anthropologist (PhD, Columbia University, 2007). His research encompasses continental philosophy, science and religion, art and ecology. He is engaged in the development of what could be called avant-garde philosophy and multi-ontology. Consequently, he is interested in ways in which art crosses into life. He has published two books and numerous catalogue essays. He is currently writing a multi-volume manuscript titled “Deranged Vivarium: Variations on Coexistence.” He lives and works between two places: the high desert of New Mexico and an Adriatic island in Croatia.

Book Publications

The Charismatic Image, forthcoming

The Oyster: Or, Radial Suppleness (Contra Mundum Books, 2020)

Elemental Disappearances (Punctum Books, 2016)

Hostage Spaces of the Contemporary Islamicate World: Phantom Territoriality (Bloomsbury, 2013)

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