Visiting Faculty

VISITING FACULTY are internationally recognized scholars appointed to conduct residency orientations, teach special seminars, give lecture series, or hold symposia on special topics.  Visiting Faculty hold limited appointments for the duration of their assignment and general do not serve on academic committees.

Franco (Bifo) Berardi

Leading contemporary Italian philosopher and author of over two dozen books including And: Phenomenology of the EndThe Uprising: On Poetry and Finance, and After the Future. 

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Jacqueline Rose

Renowned psychoanalytic theorist Jacqueline Rose is Professor of English at Queen Mary, University of London. Books include Sexuality in the Field of Vision, The Last Resistance, and, with Juliet Mitchell, Feminine Sexuality – Jacques Lacan and the école freudienne.

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David Driskell

David Driskell was elected to the National Academy in 2000 and honored at the University of Maryland by the establishment of the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora in 2001. David Driskell received the IDSVA Prize in  2009.

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Etienne Balibar

Étienne Balibar is France’s leading Marxist philosopher and author of major texts, including We, the People of Europe? and Politics and the Other Scene. With American philosopher John Rajchman, he is co-author of French Philosophy Since 1945.

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