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Spring 2015

IDSVA Professional News Spring 2015


  • Mike Adams (cohort ’13) will present the paper “Space as Time: Heterotopias in Renaissance Paintings of the Annunciation.” Huntington Library, Pasadena, CA, June 5, 2015.
  • Deborah Bouchette (cohort ’12) presented the paper “The Art and Science Divide: A Need to Rebuild Aesthetics” at Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014, and will present the paper “The Artist-in-Residence as Cultural Mediator,” Euroacademia International Conference: Re-Inventing Eastern Europe, Krakow, Poland, April 2015.
  • Leonie Bradbury (cohort ’11) moderated the session Narrative & Image, Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) Conference Los Angeles, CA, October 2014.
  • Linda Brown (cohort ’11) presented the paper “The Question of the Animal: The Question of Being” at the  Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014.
  • Rowynn Dumont (cohort ’13), Guest Lecturer, “Art History: Sexuality and Changing Body Shapes Throughout the Ages,” The Sexology Institute, San Antonio, TX, March 2015.
  • Kate Farrington (cohort ’11) presented “Letters in the Landscape: Word and Image and Aesthetics of Place in 'Dear Markus (2011),' a contemporary art project by Alfredo Jaar in the Turku Archipelago of Finland, Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) Conference, Narrative & Image, Los Angeles, CA, October 2014.
  • Jennifer Ford (cohort ’11) presented the paper “Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloc-Bauer: The Polyphonic Relationship of a Painting, Its Collectors, and Collections” at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014.
  • Jason Hoelscher (cohort ’12) organized panel: “Art and Indeterminacy: Tactical Ambiguity in the Era of Standardized Testing,” SECAC, Pittsburgh PA, October 2015; published, "Post-Here or NeoNow? The Material-Specific Paintings of Nathan Miner and Franklin Evans," ArtPulse Magazine, vol. 5, no. 23, Summer 2015; and was awarded a spot in the Arts Writers Grant Program Workshop, January-June 2015 through the Andy Warhol Foundation / Creative Capital / International Art Critics Association; His upcoming solo exhibition, "Post-Equilibrial" will open at Hoffman-LaChance Gallery, St. Louis, MO, Winter 2015
  • Whitney V. Hunter (cohort ’13; Driskell Fellow) presented “Emancipating the Past: Unchain the Future” panel and performance, David C. Driskell Center University of Maryland, College Park, March 26, 2015.
  • Wilson Hurst (cohort ’13) was accepted into the juried exhibition, MO50 Fine Art Exhibition, Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, Missouri, August 2014.
  • Johnnie Mae Maberry (cohort ’13) received the Department of Art Distinguished Alumna of the Year at Mississippi College, Tougaloo, MS, October 2014.
  • Mary Mazurek (cohort ’12) received the Communicator Award of Distinction, Category: Radio Production “The Search”, 2014.
  • Kathryn McFadden (cohort ’09) presented the paper “Storge: Homely and Heroic Love in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right,” at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) Conference, Narrative & Image, Los Angeles, CA, October 2014.
  • Lorena Morales (cohort ’13) presented paper,""Pipilotti Rist’s I Couldn’t Agree With You More: The Ethical Integrity of Being Swiss”  at the Images of Identity conference, University of Zürich, Zurich, CH, January 2015; chaired panel: ASA Pacific Division Meeting Program, Pacific Grove, CA, April 2015; will present paper, “Pipilotti Rist’s I Couldn’t Agree With You More:  The Ethical Integrity of Being Swiss,” at the Narratives of Peace and Conflict conference of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, United Kingdom, July 2015; Presented paper,
  • Michelle Perkins (cohort ’13) invited contributing commenter to John Welch’s article “All is Fair in Love and Art Criticism?” International Review of African American Art Webzine version. March 2015; selected as the 2014-15 Turn Around Arts, Teaching Artist in Residence for AUSL's Herzl School of Excellence.
  • Tania Romero (cohort ’12) presented paper, “Humanism and Struggle: How Independent Media Production is Revolutionizing the Women Rights Movement in Nicaragua,” 2014 Latin American Studies Association Conference, Chicago, May 2014; awarded as one of 32 new National Board Certified Teachers to attend the yearly Tribute to Excellence in Teaching, Austin Independent School District, May 2014.
  • Gregory Steel (cohort ’10) exhibited three videos at GZ-Basel, International Fair of Contemporary Art, June 2014; group exhibition, New York Now! 014 at Factory Art Gallery, May 2014.
  • Taliesin Thomas (cohort ’13) published article  “The Post-human Internet Dimension: Ai Weiwei and Cao Fei Online” in the  Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, September 2014; was invited to deliver a paper on Ai Weiwei at the academic conference “Unruly Engagements: On the Social Turn in Contemporary Art and Design” at the Cleveland Institute of Art, November 2014.
  • Amalya Tumanian ( cohort ’14) had a One Person Show, Gavart Gallary, Paris France, February 1st- 20th, 2015; participated in Group Juried Show at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, November 8, 2014.

  More student achievements


  • Dr. Joni Doherty joined the Kettering Foundation as Program Officer, Dayton, OH, in February 2015.
  • Dr. Conny Bogaard published “Reclaiming Authorship in the Post-Cold War Nuclear Age.” In: Museum International, Vol. 65, No.257-260, ICOM and Blackwell Publishing, Ltd, February /March 2015 (In Press). She also published “Problems of Inclusiveness: The Knowledge Frames of Nuclear Museums in the United States,” in The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum. Vol.8, Issue 1, 22-35, The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum and Common Ground Publisher, January 2015.
  • An Exhibition of Dr. Amy Cook’s Recent Paintings will be on view at Biotek Industries, May 2015.
  • Dr. Heather E. Dunn's essay, “Care-Giving, Human Capital, and Genetically Engineered Children in the Twenty-First Century” will be published in the forthcoming book New Maternalisms: Tales of Motherwork (Dislodging the Unthinkable) Demeter Press, April 2015.
  • Dr. Jennifer Hall's upcoming publication, "Autopoietic Aesthetic as a Lens for Interactive Art" in the forthcoming book, Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind, Springer Verlag, Düsseldorf, Germany, will be published Fall 2015.  She will present a her paper, Disrupting Introspection: An Embodied Approach to Interactive Art Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind, Birkbeck College London, UK, 2015; and will show her work in two exhibitions in 2015: Brain Sculptures, at Rutgers University and Flying Fish Project, in Baja, Mexico and Barnstable, Massachusetts.
  • Arlinda Henderson (M.Phil.) will present paper, “Display Holography in Art Practice: An Exploration of Interference,” The Image Conference, University of California at Berkeley, October 29-30, 2015.
  • Dr. Christopher Lonegan presented “Body Worlds: Anatomy as Spectacle and the Ethico-Aesthetics of Plastination” at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014.
  • Dr. Emily Lauren Putnam contributed a chapter on "Polyphonic Resonance: Sound Art in Ireland" in the forthcoming book: Performance Art in Ireland: A History.
  • Dr. Josenilson Santana presented “Crash Course in Photography,” to participants of Shinnery Review, November 2014.
  • Dr. Michael Smith will publish “A Clear Preoccupation with Death: The Absent Body in Mark Rothko’s Mature Style,” in the forthcoming book, Binding the Absent Body in Medieval and Modern Art: Abject, Virtual, and Alternate Bodies, ed. Emily Kelley and Elizabeth Rivenbark, Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2015. He has recently written a review of Liz Deschenes’ solo show at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN for the March, 2015 issue of ARTPULSE Magazine. His paintings have also been exhibited in a joint show with ceramicist Broc Allen at Phantom Galleries, Superior, WI.

More alumni achievements:

IDSVA Faculty

Paul Armstrong gave a keynote lecture in April at the “Cognitive Futures in the Humanities” conference at Oxford University.  His talk,“What is It Like to Be Conscious?  Impressionism and the Problem of Qualia,” will be published later this year in a volume entitled The History of the Modernist Novel, ed. Gregory Castle (Cambridge University Press).  Also, Paul's book How Literature Plays with the Brain:  The Neuroscience of Reading and Art is now available in paperback (Johns Hopkins University Press).

Philip Armstrong’s invited talks in March 2015 include “Buccal Intimacies: On Jean-Luc Nancy and Ann Hamilton” at Tufts; “Precarity’s Prayers: On Forms of Political Speech” at Harvard; a keynote address at the “Being/Intimate/Political, Jean‐Luc Nancy” conference in Athens, Greece; and “Entanglement: Being-with in Heidegger and Nancy” at Manchester Metropolitan University. Recent publications include “Precarity/Abandonment” in Nancy and the Political, ed. Sanja Dejanovic (2015); “Mallarmé à travers” in La Part de l’Œil (“Le dessin dans un champ élargi”) (2015); “Toward a Politics of A-filiation” in boundary 2 (2015); and “In Fraternity’s Wake: Nancy, Derrida, and Algerian Independence” in Diacritics (2015). Forthcoming work in 2015 includes an essay on precarity in The Minnesota Review, on the work of Ann Hamilton in Études Françaises, an essay on Michel Parmentier in the catalogue accompanying the recent retrospective, and a text on Heidegger in a forthcoming volume edited by Elisabeth Rigal and Jean-Luc Nancy on “being-with” in Being and Time. He has also co-edited and co-translated a section of texts for the forthcoming issue of Journal of Contemporary Painting devoted to the work of Simon Hantaï.

Howard Caygill has been elected an International Associate of the Institute of Humanities at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver and has completed a new book Kafka: In the Light of the Accident for publication with Bloomsbury Press.

Ellen Grabiner's essay “The Holy Moment: Waking Life and Linklater's Sublime Dream Time” was published in the spring issue of Film Quarterly as part of a special dossier on Richard Linklater. She recently presented a paper entitled, “The Triplets of Belleville: Fluxing the Cinematic Moment” at the 2015 Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference in Montreal this spring.

"Mud," Laura Graveline.

IDSVA Librarian Laura Graveline has been exploring the feeling and impression of water in a new series of encaustic paintings, currently on display in a group exhibition at the Artistree Gallery in South Pomfret, Vermont, April 3 - May 2.

Sigrid Hackenberg presented the paper, “ParaBarthes パラフィクション parafiction(s)”for the session: *Loving, Liking* at the upcoming Barthes at 100 CentennialConference, Cardiff University, Wales, March 30-31, 2015. She also presented the paper, “ParaFoucault *parafiction(s)”* for the session: Aesthetics of Existence and Ethical Subjectivity at the Engaging Foucault Conference organized by the Group for Social Engagement Studies, Belgrade University, Serbia, December 5-7, 2014.

Christopher Johnson has a forthcoming book from the College Music Society Press, Drums Rising: Symbol and Myth in African American Culture. Drums Rising presents the idea of the ban on the African drum during the American slave epoch both as social history fact and visual culture metaphor. This study taps early American travel writing to overturn previous notions regarding resistance and the continuum of African American performance culture. On February 8th Chris Johnson was the guest of the Institute of Jamaica for the 2015 “Grounation” series held in Kingston. The month-long event also celebrates the birth month of Robert Nesta Marley. This year's theme was “Riddim Across the Atlantic: Di Drum in Africa & its Diasporas” and Chris presented on “Surrogates: Juba and Rhythmic Practices.”

Part of Sylvère Lotringer’s new film, The Man Who Disappeared (49") will be shown on April 29 at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, where he will be lecturing. The film will also be screened at the Anthology Film Archive in New York with another Lotringer’s film, “Violent Femmes,” on October 15, 2015.

Mapping Brooklyn at BRIC Arts & Media HouseMapping Brooklyn at BRIC Arts & Media HouseSimonetta Moro presented, “The Non-Studio Art Phd As Alternative Model For Practicing Artists And Creative Professionals” at SECAC conference, October 2014. She is participating in Mapping Brooklyn, a group exhibition curated by Elizabeth Ferrer in collaboration with the Brooklyn Historical Society, at BRIC Arts & Media House and the Brooklyn Historical Society, New York, February 26 September 6, 2015. The exhibition Itinerranze: Venezia-New York, will open at Venice Art House, Venice, Italy, May 9-30, 2015, within the “SELF” It’s LIQUID International Art Show. Dr. Moro will deliver a paper at Ege University in the 15th International Cultural Studies Symposium “Culture and Space” to be held between May 6-8, 2015 in Izmir, Turkey. She has also been awarded an artist residency at Marble House (VT) in August-September 2015.Shannon Rose-Riley has been elected Chair of the Dept. of Humanities at San José State University, effective August 2015. She also has a review of two books coming out in the summer issue of TDR: Trumpets in the Mountains: Theater and the Politics of National Culture in Cuba by Laurie A. Frederik; Cuba Inside Out: Revolution and Contemporary Theatre by Yael Prizant. Books review. TDR: The Drama Review, 59:2 (Summer 2015): 170-73. Rose-Riley’s  sound/performance group, ONO, will be doing an experimental soundtrack for a film collaboration with Jesse Malmed, commissioned by the Chicago Film Archives, screening in June 2015. ONO is also doing a video event for E.S.P. TV in April 2015--their projects are screened on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and exhibited internationally.

Chris Yates presented, “Caspar David Friedrich and the Reticence of the Beautiful” at the Getty Center in Los Angeles for the annual meeting of the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT, October 2014); and “Walker Percy and Martin Heidegger on the Science of Inauthenticity” at the 2014 meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences in New Orleans. His article “Seams in the Desert: Cormac McCarthy’s Literary Ontology of Place” appeared in the Fall 2014 edition of Comparative and Continental Philosophy. A catalog essay for Akiko Kotani’s, Soft Walls exhibit at Women and their Work gallery in Austin, Texas (November 2014). In March of 2015 he gave a guest lecture at the University of Virginia, “Otherness and Art in Martin Buber’s I and Thou.” Finally, he has two poems accepted for publication in the 2015 summer edition of Ruminate Magazine. He has he collaborated with several scholars from other fields to author a study on “Beauty” in relation to contemporary urban issues, which will soon appear as a publication of the Thriving Cities Project at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at (University of Virginia). Yates’ review essay of Phenomenologies of Violence, edited by Michael Staudigl, will appear in a forthcoming edition of Continental Philosophy Review.

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