The Artist-Philosopher and New Philosophy by George Smith

In The Artist-Philosopher and New Philosophy, Smith argues that Western Metaphysics has indeed come to what Heidegger describes as “an end.” That is hardly to say philosophy as such is over or soon to disappear; rather, its purpose as a medium of cultural change and as a generator of history has run its course.

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IDSVA Student Zoma Wallace at the Nasher Prize Graduate Symposium

On April 5, 2018, IDSVA student Zoma Wallace, was invited to share her ideas on the graceful nature of Theaster Gates’ mark-making at the Nasher Prize Graduate Symposium. Her paper, Saving Grace: Considering Theaster Gates' Poetic Reclamations as Acts of Grace was particularly well-received by the keynote speaker, Michael Jessie Jackson and by Theaster Gates himself.

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2018 IDSVA Summer Residency Faculty

IDSVA is pleased to announce that Shara Wasserman, Franco 'Bifo' Berardi, Howard Caygill, Santiago Zabala, Silvia Mazzini, Jean-Luc Nancy, Giovanni Tusa, David Driskell, and Dejan Lukic will be joining us as visiting faculty during the Summer Residencies.

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