Look for IDSVA at PACT (September 28-30)

Look for IDSVA at PACT

Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) Conference
San Francisco, CA (September 28-30, 2017)

Dr. Christopher Yates (IDSVA Faculty) will present paper "Tanning our own Hides: The Enframed Body and the Body of Sense in Wim Wenders 'Until the End of the World'."

Mike Adams (PhD candidate) will present paper "The Double Body of the King: "Benjamin's History and Aesthetics."

Keren Moscovitch (PhD candidate) will present paper "Sensible/Nonsensical: The Intimate Body as Site of Deconstruction."

Gabriel Reed (PhD candidate) will present paper "A Tale of Two Shovels: Reimagining the Clay Body in Anaxagoras and Cai Guo-Qian."

Jeff Siemers (PhD candidate) will present paper "Hospitality within Play and Competition and the Aesthetic Event."