Dissertation Directors

Michael Stone-Richards

Michael Stone-Richards is a scholar-teacher of Critical Theory, comparative literature and the history and theory of modern and contemporary art practice. He has published widely in French and English on the avant-garde in poetry, critical theory and art. Since his arrival in Detroit he has become deeply involved in the various parts of its arts and performance community and is currently a member of the board of the Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art at the DIA. His book of critical theory and literary criticism Logics of Separation: Exile and Transcendence in Aesthetic Modernity recently appeared with Peter Lang. He is currently working on a book/exhibition catalogue called The Care of the City: Detroit and the Art of Re-invention, and completing a book length study on The Wreck of Art: Studies in the Thought of Guy Debord which received a Graham Foundation grant. Stone-Richards is currently Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and a board member of the newly founded experimental letterpress / print-media shop-front Signal-Return in Eastern Market, Detroit.