Student Achievements A - MC

Check out what our students are up to! On this page you will find studnet acheivements listed out alphabetically by last name.

Mike Adams

  • Appointed Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, teaching two sections of Art Appreciation, at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Redmond, WA, Fall 2017
  • Paper: Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition Conference( PACT). San Francisco, CA, September 2017
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Juliet Araujo

  • Paper: “Teaching for Artistic Behavior: Student Artists as Curating Selves and Others,” NAEA Conference. San Diego, CA, March 2014
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Christina Barber

  • Promoted, Curator of Innovation and Contemporary Culture at the Alaska Humanities Forum, 2017
  • Paper: “In the Mouth of the Woolf: Intersubjective Consciousness in The Waves," Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) Conference. Portland, OR, October 2015
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Sara Christensen Blair

  • Solo exhibition, Uncommon & Uncanny, Johnson Fine Arts Center Gallery (scheduled), NSU, Aberdeen, SD, 2018
  • Promoted to Full Professor & Chair of the Art & Theatre Depts. at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD, August 2017
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Nancy Bookhart

  • Paper: "The Orchestration of Rituals and Repression in the Delusion of Female Sexuality," at Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality Conference. London, UK, January, 2016
  • Paper: "The Hermeneutics of the Sacred and Profane in the Works of Bruce Nugent," at Conference on the Harlem Renaissance, Paine College. Augusta, GA, November, 2015
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Deborah Bouchette

  • Participant: "Residencies Reflected" Symposium, Helsinki, Finland. November 2016
  • Paper: “Line as the Essence of Becoming-Artist,” in the session Philosophic Formalism, at the 2016 SECAC Conference. Roanoke, VA, Oct 19-22, 2016
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Leonie Bradbury

  • Appointed: Director of Art and Creative Initiatives at HUBWeek, Boston, MA November 2016
  • Published: “Kelsey Brookes: Infinite Reflection,” in Kelsey Brookes/Psychedelic Space, Ginko Press. September 2015
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Linda Brown

  • Paper: “The Question of the Animal: The Question of Being” at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014
  • Guest lecturer: “The Art Imperative–From Early Child-to-Adulthood” & “Art in Life-Long Learning–Art and Aging." North Hennepin Community College, Department of Psychology, Minneapolis MN February 2014
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Brooke Bryan

  • Received: Southwestern Ohio Consortium for Higher Education (SOCHE) Faculty Excellence Award in Service, September, 2017
  • Received: Biennial post secondary teaching award from the Oral History Association for the field-based undergraduate research experiences she facilitates at Antioch College, 2017
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Margaret Coleman

  • Solo Exhibition: Mercy Gallery, Loomis Chaffee School, Windsor, CT, January, 2015
  • Curated Booths: Miami Art Week, X Contemporary and Fridge Art Fair, December, 2015
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Jessica Rodríguez Colón

  • Presented: an interactive performance and installation piece questioning the memory and myths about the maternal. The International Conference on Moving Image and Philosophy, Porto, Portugal, July 7-8, 2017
  • Paper: “Disney Princess Culture: A Cultural Ideological State Apparatus.” The International Conference on Moving Image and Philosophy, Porto, Portugal, July 7-8, 2017
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Mary Anne Davis

  • Paper: “Toward a Theory of Optimism” at the Utopia in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences conference at the University of Northern Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia, March 2014
  • Group Exhibition: curated by Leonie Bradbury, Wish You Were There?, Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA, August 2013
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Rowynn Dumont

  • Paper: "Haitian Vodou Aesthetics and Resistance." College Art Association Annual Conference (CAA). Los Angeles, February 24, 2018
  • Honorary Award: Photographer of the Year, Photographers Forum Magazine, 2016
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Angelalynn Dunlop

  • Presented paper, "Technological Metamorphosis: Ontological Work Performed Through Body and Technology" at 73rd annual SECAC Conference, Roanoke, VA, October 19-22, 2016
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Kate Farrington

  • Paper: "Place' through a Feast of the Five Senses: A Philosophical Consideration of Robin Kahn's 2012 art project dOCUMENTA (13): 'Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking.'" in the panel, "Uneasy Feasts" at Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition Conference (PACT) 7th annual meeting, Seattle University, September 24-26, 2015, Seattle, WA
  • Group Exhibition: Reclassified at Warehouse XI, Somervile, MA, June 2015
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Jennifer Ford

  • Paper: “Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloc-Bauer: The Polyphonic Relationship of a Painting, Its Collectors, and Collections." Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Sarasota, FL, October 2014
  • Chaired: IDSVA & Christie's Auction House Symposium “Mapping the Global Art Economy.” January 2014
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Erin Gleason

  • Curator: Tympanum. Presented by Art Shape Mammoth, Wayfarers Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. October 6 - 22, 2017

  • Solo Exhibition: The Tug. FiveMyles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. October 14 - November 1, 2017

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Brooke Grabiec

  • Appointed: Part-Time Faculty. Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, 2017
  • Publication: "Interview with Simone Rocha," The Travel Almanac Magazine, 2017
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Jason Hoelscher

  • Curated and arranged a transdisciplinary and intermedial exhibition about coevolutionary aesthetics, titled POLLINATE, as part of this year's HUBweek art/science/tech festival in Boston MA, October 2017

  • Presented paper The Maximum Potential Entropy of Posthuman Aesthetics: An Information Theoretic Interpretation of Grand Narratives at the Aarhus University Posthuman Aesthetics conference, Aarhus Denmark, March 2017

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Whitney V. Hunter

  • Curated The Sphinx Returns at Grace Exhibition Space and Gallery, NY, Sept 19 - Dec 19, 2015

  • Panelist, “Emancipating the Past: Unchain the Future” panel and performance, David C. Driskell Center University of Maryland, College Park, March 26, 2015

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