Student Achievements Mo-Z

Jeanne Moore

  • Recently accepted a part-time position in the Liberal Arts department at Detroit’s historic college of art and design, the College for Creative Studies.
  • Jeanne and her husband, Billy Hunter, co-owners of MOSAIC Productions, will launch their new gallery, OFFICE SPACE. Situated in the heart of Detroit’s New Center, just down the block from the Albert Kahn designed Fisher Building, OFFICE SPACE Gallery will center its exhibitions on Detroit’s talented, yet often underserved artists and performers. On September 30, 2017, the gallery will host its inaugural exhibit with the opening of VANITY/DIVINITY: The Bird as Visual Metaphor, featuring artists Gwen Joy, Ed Meese and Robin Ward.
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Jonathan Morgan

  • Paper: “Fabricated Fear: Artists, Technology and Manual Labor” at Mid-America College Art Association Conference (MACAA), Lincoln, NE. October 2018

  • Panel Chair: Retooling Art Criticism at the SECAC 2018 Annual Conference, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL. October 2018

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Keren Moscovitch

  • Paper: "Intimacy and Ideology: A Radical Proposition" at the Resistance: Psychoanalysis and Critical Theories Conference, Villanova University, April 2018.

  • Publication: "Whose Portrait Matters? Self-Representation and the Selfie Generation," published in Portraits of Who We Are exhibition catalog, David C. Driskell Center for the Study of Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora, University of Maryland, College Park, February 2018

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Jill O'Connor

  • Recipient, Duchamp Research Scholarship from Friends of the Schwerin Museum, Germany. Scholarship was awarded based on master’s thesis in art history entitled “Closing the Infra-Thin Gap Between Marcel Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor’s Even and Etant donnes”. Will present her findings of new research and will be published by the museum as Lecture Notes No. 5., Fall 2017.
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Allen Olson-Urtecho

  • Presented paper: VR Refugee Therapy: Responding to Mental Health Crisis with Immersive Reality to Mitigate the Trauma of the Syrian Conflict in Refugees, at VR Healthcare Symposium 2018,  Harvard Medical in Boston, MA, March 5-7, 2018.  
  • Presented paper: VR Refugee Therapy App: Postmodern Therapy and Immersive Reality at The 3rd Summer International Masonic Workshop, Athens, Greece, August 23-27, 2017
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Liza Renia Papi

  • Publication: Carnavalia! African and Brazilian Folklore and Crafts will be presented at Children's Book Week, New York, NY, May 6, 2018

  • Publication: The Aesthetics of Art: Understanding What We See, Cognella Editors/University Press, November 2017

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Neely Patton

  • Paper: “Filtering Art, Filtering Self: Through the Lends of the Selfie” at SECAC, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, October 2018

  • Promoted to Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design., 2017

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Michelle Perkins

  • Preparator, Eugene Eda's Doors for Malcolm X College, Yates Gallery, Chicago Cultural Center, Jan 21-June 25, 2017

  • Moderator, Re-Imagining the Archive,  Black Portraiture[s] III: Reinventions: Strains of Histories and Cultures Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa


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Sheila Rae Neal

  • Presented paper, "The Simulacrum and the Effects on the Comic Book Hero," at the 10th Annual University of Albany Philosophical Association Graduate Student Conference, Albany, NY, April 8, 2017
  • Appointed as adjunct instructor at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Utica, NY, 2016/17
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Gabriel Reed

  • Paper: “Schelling’s Practice of Pyromenology: The Elemental Imagination of Fire in the Cretan Ceramic Revolution at the North American Schelling Society (NASS) 6th Annual Meeting, University of Hawaii, Hilo. September 2018

  • Paper: "Impossible Aesthetics: Abstraction and Nothingness in the Ceramic Work of Peter Voulkos", The 12th Annual Meeting of The Comparative & Continental Philosophy Circle, Arizona State University, March 30-April 1, 2017

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Jennifer Rempfer

  • Workshop: “Identifying the novelty in designs: A Design Patent Examiner’s guided exploration of how to better understand the hermeneutics of ‘novelty’ in design patents and utilize patents in the design classroom” at the Thirteenth International Conference on Design Principals and Practices, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia. March, 2019

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Gale Richardson

  • Lecture on "A Genalogy of the Violent Image and the Image of Violence." Euroacademia: Europe Inside-Out (7th Edition), Porto, Portugal: Europe and Europeanness Exposed to Plural Observers. April 2017

  • Lecture on "Art and Violence: The Phenomena of Consciousness between the Trace of the Reversible." World Phenomenology Institute, Forty-First Annual Cambridge Conference. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, June 2017 

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Jennifer Rissler

  • Appointed to Dean of Academic Affairs at the San Francisco Art Institute, effective January 2017

  • Co-chaired the session "Feminist Pedagogy Through Activist Arts Practices" with Laura Elizabeth Sapelly, for the Committee on Women in the Arts at CAA 2017 in New York, NY, Feb 12-15, 2017. 

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Tania Romero

  • Short Film, "Silla de Ruedas" represented Nicaragua at the ICARO 2015 International Film Festival, Guatemala, November 21- 27, 2015
  • Presented paper, "Media Arts Education as an Open Field of Educational Practices" in the panel: "Art and Indeterminacy: Tactical Ambiguity in the Era of Standardized Testing" at Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), October 21-24, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA
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Toni-Lee Sangastiano

  • Published: "The Postmodern Sideshow and the Bakhtinian Dialogic," will be translated and published in Russian Literature & Arts (《俄罗斯文艺) Volume 4, Fall 2018

  • Was recently promoted from Associate Professor to Professor at Champlain College, Burlington, VT, Spring 2017

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Jeffrey Siemers

  • Paper: “The Subversive Event: Overturning Institutionalized Identities” at SECAC, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, October 2018

  • Paper “Beings Toward Suicide: An Intersubjective Approach to the Artwork of On Kawara” in the panel chaired by Jennifer Rissler at SECAC, Roanoke, VA . October 2016

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Gregory Steel

  • Exhibited three videos at GZ-Basel, International Fair of Contemporary Art, June 2014
  • Group exhibition, New York Now! 014 at Factory Art Gallery, May 2014
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Taliesin Thomas

  • Panel Discussion: "Phenomenology, The Arts, And Literature," at the Horizons of Phenomenology Conference. Speakers: Jayson Beaster Jones (UC Merced), Samantha Matherne (UC Santa Cruz), Manuel Martin Rodriguez (UC Merced), Martin Schwab (UC Irvine), Taliesin Thomas (Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts), Clinton Tolley (UC San Diego). UC Merced. April 28, 2018.

  • Presentation: will speak at the TEDxFulton Street program in NYC, June 2018

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