Student Achievements Mo-Z

Gabriel Reed

  • Paper: “Schelling’s Practice of Pyromenology: The Elemental Imagination of Fire in the Cretan Ceramic Revolution at the North American Schelling Society (NASS) 6th Annual Meeting, University of Hawaii, Hilo. September 2018

  • Paper: "Impossible Aesthetics: Abstraction and Nothingness in the Ceramic Work of Peter Voulkos", The 12th Annual Meeting of The Comparative & Continental Philosophy Circle, Arizona State University, March 30-April 1, 2017

  • Paper: "Participatory Development, Travel and Community Engagement as an Aesthetic Foundation", Beyond the Core FATE 2017, Kansas City Art Institute, April 6-8th, 2017

  • Paper: “Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism: The Work of Plasticity in the Ceramics Aesthetic” in the panel chaired by Jennifer Rissler at the 2016 SECAC Conference, Roanoke, VA Oct 19-22, 2016