Student Achievements Mo-Z

Lisa Williamson

  • Appointed full professorship, University of Memphis, teaching 2D and 3D design. Fall 2018

  • Group Exhibition: “Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response” at Crosstown Arts from Oct-Jan. 2018. The show was curated by Richard Lou and Dr. Ernestine Jenkins.

  • Panel Discussion: Critical discourse involving our specific body of work in the exhibition “Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response” in conversation with groups including Black Lives Matter and the Lynching Sites Project. Currently the show is being deconstructed by a writer whose intent is to publish what we collectively deemed a successful collaboration addressing delicate relationships and subject matter. The writing will serve as an example of a blueprint for collaborative methodology. 

  • Appointed: adjunct position, University of Memphis, teaching Foundations I. Tasked with re-working the curriculum for Foundations, specifically 2D and 3D design, and serves on the review committees to determine student advancement. August, 2017
  • Awarded: Proposal to bring climbable sculpture park to Memphis. September, 2017